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Home Insulation

During new construction Mid-State Insulation Specialists has the capabilities to insulate with fiberglass batts, blow-in-blanket system (BIBS), spray polyurethane foam and spray cellulouse insulation.
We use a higher density grade insulation
We foam all holes through both top and bottom plates to stop all air penetrations in walls and floor joists
Foam beside the electrical boxes and plumbing pipes
Foam seal all holes and gaps in cold air returns
Put a proper vent in between every rafter freeze blocking with R19 when able to
Double stuff all windows with fiberglass to seal drafts
Higher valued performance material for good sound control.

While the initial cost of installation can be more than you expected, SPF is a true investment in your home. Not only does it reap incredible energy savings from completely stopping air and cutting back on heat transfer, it never has to be replaced and will last and perform.  MidState provides spray foam insulation for attics, basements, walls, roofs, ceilings and new construction.
Not Sure if You Need More Insulation?

Often times, homeowners will spend more time choosing the type of cabinets, floor coverings, fixtures and completely overlook the most important feature. The type of insulation for the attic and walls. The insulation you choose will greatly affect the overall comfort of your home, but most importantly will determine your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Comparing the R-Value of insulation is only part of the story.  How well the insulation stops air infiltration tells the rest of the story.

Air infiltration diminishes the R-Value of any insulation and will cause energy loss leading to high heating and cooling bills.

Attic Insulation
In winter, attic vents allow cold air to flow into the attic, preventing ice dams and keeping moisture from building up. In summer, ventilation allows hot air in the attic to escape. You want to make sure that the ventilation you have is adequate. If you don't, you may need to add more.

If inadequate attic insulation is costing you money,  Mid-State Insulation can HELP.   The attic may be a place in your home that you rarely visit, but when it comes to saving energy, it should be at the top of your list.
Upgrading attic insulation is a VERY popular energy-saving improvement because more energy (and money!) is lost through the attic than through any other part of the house.

What makes matters worse is improperly or poorly installing inadequate attic insulation.

Existing attic insulation in many homes may be as minimal as R-19 which pales in comparison to the recommended R-value!
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